Hi!  I’m originally from the land of Soybeans and Corn- heck growing up the tallest thing in our town was the grain elevator- and moved to Maine in 2008.  I fell in love with the state, and then the Saint who would eventually become my wife (much to her dismay on most days).  We settled in her hometown- Mount Vernon, primarily because going back to my hometown didn’t really appeal to us- they closed down the grain elevator so the tallest thing now is a water tower… it’s just sad really.   Since we started dating we had planned on ending up in Mount Vernon and have been lucky enough to make it happen.  We are active and involved in our community, we homestead, and we both work full time.  We are trying to balance the stresses of living and working in this state while at the same time trying to strengthen our little corner of the world.

My ambitions for our homestead do not necessarily line up with my competency, capacity,  or free time.  I am an apple nerd with no knowledge, a beekeeper who keeps hope alive- but maybe not my bees, a gardener who is trying desperately to figure out a niche market for rag weed and crab grass- the only things I can successfully grow, and a backyard carpenter who has never made a straight cut or a level table.  I hope that this blog can help document my continuing failures and occasional successes as we continue to build our lives in our Village.

I am a member of our local school board, an occasional fire fighter- both professionally and personally (who knew that oven mitts could catch on fire so quickly), and I have been recently nominated by the Cat as the best male blogger.